• Our Mission and Guiding Principles

    Island Community Justice Society's mission is to foster a safer and healthier community by providing community-based, proactive and restorative justice services which respond to the needs of the victim, offender, family and community.

    We are a non-profit agency that assists people in conflict with the law and persons harmed

    in moving forward from incidents of crime in the community.


    We are guided by the following restorative principles.

    Relationally Focused


    Attention is paid to interconnectedness; the relationships between a person and themselves, the community, and their families. Restorative justice helps build/rebuild positive relationships and encourages a sense of belonging.

    Comprehensive & Holistic 


    We consider what happened leading up to an incident, who else was involved and any contributing factors; we work to understand what the contributing factors were and how to respond to those factors by connecting people with necessary resources and education.


    Inclusive & Participatory


    Accommodations are made in order to make restorative justice accessible to everyone; cultural contexts are considered; and facilitators are conscious of various traumas and experiences, with intent not to cause further harm. We meet within the referred person's community whenever possible, to remove barriers such as transportation.



    Our agency adapts to individual needs, changing our approaches according to each unique situation. We are flexible and realize that there is no "cookie-cutter" approach. ICJS recognizes that each person's circumstances can have different root causes and outcomes, and every person may have different ways to respond and learn.


    Focused on Promoting Individual and Collective Responsibility



    We recognize that environmental factors are major contributors to incidents of harm, which can be beyond a person's control and a responsibility of another party or society as a whole; we encourage people to take responsibility and provide them with the supports they need to do so.



    & Non-Adversarial


    All parties are engaged to work together as equals in a respectful, safe environment. While it can be emotional, we do not condone disrespect in any session, and no person is more important than the other. The physical and emotional wellness and safety of everyone involved is a priority.

    Forward Focused


    We are not exclusively focused on the incident of harm; we provide support and education to all parties to address the root causes of harm and to prevent future incidents; restorative justice is not punitive/punishment focused, it is reparative.